Keep It Simple

Choose the fields and how their used to create the contact, no other setup


Use Your Existing Form

Integrates with to your existing Contact Form 7 in your Wordpress site


No Data Entry

When a visitor fills out your site’s form, it instantly creates contact

Seamless integration with Redtail CRM.

LeadTinker can use any Contact Details fields setup in Redtail CRM when the contact is created. Meaning your leads are pre-customized and seamlessly generated.

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Secure lead generation right inside your own existing Wordpress Site.

LeadTinker is only compatible with captcha enabled forms, meaning your CRM database won’t get spammed and only legitimate contacts will be created.

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Stay compliant with your data.

LeadTinker does not save any of your contact’s data and sends everything directly to Redtail CRM, no additional maintenance and securely integrated.

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Easily generate leads with your existing site in Redtail CRM.